Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybe the Maya Were Right?

Democrats and Republicans continue to trade comments and charges and counter charges. The "Fiscal Cliff" remains just around  the corner.

Republicans are stuck, taken prisoner, by the ultra-conservative anti-tax forces. They feel the need to protect a teeny-tiny minority of the very wealthy from having to pay more. Because of an image that raising taxes on anybody, hurts everybody.

Democrats have the unenviable position of making significant spending cuts without cutting the "national security." That means cutting the personal and "social" security of many. There goes their base of support.

A political stand-off.

Compromise is out-of-the-question. So offers and counter-offers are made that aren't even serious.

This evening the vote in the House was called off- the GOP couldn't get enough votes.

Tomorrow is Dec. 21. Maybe we won't have to worry about the "fiscal cliff."

But if we do survive, maybe the two sides will have to get together and do something.

I can hope can't I?

By the way, I have a new end of the world prediction. I just became aware that the cat calendar on the wall of our living room ends in 10 days. That can only mean that the cats of the world know something we don't about what's about to happen. The nine lives have run out and we will end time in one giant ....

Nah, let's not go there.

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