Friday, October 19, 2012

Things I Don't Know What to Say About

Yes, I can be speechless, especially when things are so incredible (and incredibly over the top) that all has been said or there is nothing to say that can even begin to come near to what it means. Here are a few that have struck me in recent headlines:

  • Boy Scout files show sex abuse cover-ups 
  • Sandusky asks judge to overturn abuse convictions 
  • Boy Ordered to Transfer Schools for Carrying Cystic Fibrosis Gene 
  • Sending gene sequencers to Mars could detect alien DNA 
  • Rolling Stones Rehearsing 70 Tracks For Comeback Shows 
  • Lance Armstrong quits Livestrong post, loses endorsement deals 
  • Too late to stop global warming by cutting emissions, scientists say 
  • Free Online Education Is Now Illegal in Minnesota

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