Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Was Wrong- Gladly


1) I didn't jinx the Tigers
2) The Tigers didn't clinch in game 5
3) They took it in a clean sweep of 4 games.

Actually, it was an amazing display of baseball over these four games. It is not very often you see such an all-star team as the Yankees be so thoroughly dominated by another. Even more so at this level of competition. The Yankees were actually looking like the mixed young/old transition team they are this year. Yes, I know they were powerful through the season, but they didn't have it in the end.

And the Tigers were hungry.

This will be the 11th time the Tigers have been in the World Series. Sounds like a lot compared to some, like my Twins. But they have not been in much during this modern era.

  • 2006
  • 1984
  • 1968
  • 1945
  • 1940
  • 1935
  • 1934
  • 1909
  • 1908
  • 1907
That means 2012 is only the 6th time in the past 72 years.

With the first Triple Crown winner since 1967, it is only fitting that they will head into the World Series.

And congratulations to former Twin Delmon Young who won the ALCS MVP award.

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