Saturday, September 08, 2012

Readings From a Student Radical

Well, that student radical was me.

I "discovered" my file of radio commentaries and newspaper opinion columns from the 1970-71 era. What a radical that guy was, writing about how serious the world was. It didn't even look like he knew how to have fun. Life needed to be more serious more often. In those days of high tension those of a political bent were more and more likely to look at the world as needing GREAT serious attention. There was no time for fun- or having fun- except to get drunk or high.


Always ready to challenge The Man-
The Establishment.

Start a revolution and
Radicalize the world.

War and peace
(pre-global warming) pollution
Rich and poor
Business and labor.

Those old pieces read so dated today-
or innocent-
or worse,

Times, we thought, were a'changin'
But they didn't.

Not that way.

Just look at Election 2012.

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