Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Continuing On

This is from a Wikipedia "disambiguation" page.

To Be Continued may refer to:
To Be Continued (Elton John album), 1990
To Be Continued (Terje Rypdal album), 1981
...To Be Continued, a 1970 album by Isaac Hayes
To be Continued... (The Temptations album), 1986
to be continued, a film plot device, see cliffhanger
It could also be a way of filling space on a post when you have not had a chance to think of anything new to say.

Is this a cliffhanger? Back to Wikipedia:
Cliffhanger is a plot device as an ending of a fictional work.
Cliffhanger(s) or Cliff Hanger(s) may also refer to:
Cliffhanger (roller coaster), an roller coaster at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.
Cliffhanger (ride), an amusement park ride
Cliffhanger (comics), an imprint (brand name) of the comic book publisher Wildstorm
Cliffhanger (film), a 1993 action film starring Sylvester Stallone and John Lithgow
Cliffhanger (video game) a video game based on the 1993 film
Cliffhangers (TV series), an American television series
Cliff Hanger (Between the Lions), a recurring character on the children's television series Between the Lions
Cliff Hanger (comic strip), two separate 1983 comic strips
Cliff Hanger (video game), a laserdisc video game based on the manga and anime series Lupin III
"Cliff Hangers" (The Price Is Right), a segment game from the game show The Price Is Right
Ah, but there's more. What IS disambiguation?

  • Disambiguation in Wikipedia is the process of resolving the conflicts that arise when a single term is ambiguous—when it refers to more than one topic covered by Wikipedia articles. For example, the word "Mercury" can refer to an element, a planet, a Roman god, and many other things. There are three important aspects to disambiguation:
  • Naming articles in such a way that each has a unique title. For example, three of the articles dealing with topics ordinarily called "Mercury" are titled Mercury (element), Mercury (planet) and Mercury (mythology).
  • Making the links for ambiguous terms point to the correct article title. For example, an editor of an astronomy article may have created a link to [[Mercury]], and this should be corrected to point to Mercury (planet).
  • Ensuring that a reader who searches for a topic using a particular term can get to the information on that topic quickly and easily, whichever of the possible topics it might be. For example, the page Mercury is a disambiguation page—a non-article page which lists the various meanings of "Mercury" and links to the articles which cover them. (As discussed below, however, ambiguous terms do not always require a disambiguation page.)
Did I just waste all this time and valuable Internet space for this?

THAT is not ambiguous.

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