Sunday, August 05, 2012

More Sensible Information from Research

I was always told to be truthful. Honest. I was. At least that's what I think it was all about. George Washington and the cherry tree being the paradigm story.

Which was a lie. It never happened.

Anyway, one of the hallmarks of a life in recovery is to be honest. Tell the truth. Be open and up front. Now, it appears, according to USA Today, that research has proven that telling the truth isn't just good morality, it's good and healthy, too.

The study found that those who lied less reported being healthier, both mentally and physically.

When participants in the no-lie group told three fewer minor lies than they did in other weeks, for example, they experienced, on average, four fewer mental-health complaints and three fewer physical complaints. Mental health complaints included feeling tense or melancholy; physical complaints included sore throats and
Actually, it makes sense. One of the researchers noted that when people lie it increases stress. Tension and uncertainty go up. (Which I guess is partly how lie detectors work.) We know that lowering stress and tension in one's life leads to better healthy so it should really be no surprise that at least at this level truth and health are related.

Unfortunately if parents try to use this tack with their children, telling the truth will become like eating healthy. A good idea, but not what they want.


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