Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend was the first time I did not post a new piece here since August 14, 2005 when a computer death while on vacation stopped me. (That is 2,531 days if you are counting. Ooops. My OCD is showing.)

I just wanted to leave the previous post up for the weekend after the killings in Colorado on Friday morning. I have nothing new to say on this that hasn't been said before. I know that doesn't stop the pundits et. al. from saying all the same things over and over and over again. Both sides take to the airwaves, computer screens, social media and make the points they did after Columbine, or take your pick.

The pro-gun lobby says that one armed person in Colorado in the theater could have stopped the murderer before he killed and wounded as many as he did.

The pro-gun control lobby says assault rifles are not meant for anything but killing other people, so what do you expect?

Meanwhile we all feel like we have been punched in the gut. Again.

So I let the blog go quiet for the weekend, posted with a simple word and prayer.


Pray for it daily wherever it is needed.

Pray for it and work for it so peace - not murder or violence or hatred - can have its day.

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