Saturday, June 02, 2012

At Least It Didn't Rain


Another evening at Target Field on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. There were rain showers back home and a small chance in the Cities, but it all stayed away and we made it to the game.

Parked in the ramp across the street, top level, and had a good shot across to the field.

So, for pictures this time, I thought let's look for some fun things around the park.


Here on the left the little bit of blue sky peeking through just at sunset behind the top of the building. A little bit of boost in saturation allowed the bit of sunset color to show up.

On the right, well, another picture of a building and reflections. They are fascinating and draw my attention. It is hard to see in this picture, but right about in the middle of this one- there's a light on inside the building.

Meanwhile the vendors were busy. I boosted the saturation on this one just to get all the contrasting colors to show up better.


Yes, there was a game.  Gardenhire got tossed by the umpire after disputing a call which I think the ump got wrong. Gardy always makes the game interesting.

The game was a hitters night- 16 runs on 26 hits between the two teams but the Tigers beat the Twins 10-6. I am now 2 for 4 this year.


Which isn't why we stayed until the last out.


That part was fun.


And then, back on top of the parking ramp, a look up and there's this virtual aquarium on top of a building.


Sine we were across the street from Target Field and the Target Center, it should come as no surprise to any that the building with the fish tank show is corporate headquarters for...

... yep ...

Target Corporation.

Here's a video from You Tube showing the thing in action.

Double cool.

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