Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Memoriam: Doc Watson

They don't come any better than Doc Watson who died yesterday at age 89. He made the acoustic guitar do things no one else could.

According to an article from the AP:

In 2011, a life-size statue of Watson was dedicated in Boone, North Carolina. At Watson's request the inscription read, "Just One of the People," echoing a statement he'd once made ... about how he'd like to be remembered.

"Just as a good ol' down-to-earth boy that didn't think he was perfect and that loved music," Watson said. "And I'd like to leave quite a few friends behind and I hope I will. Other than that, I don't want nobody putting me on a pedestal when I leave here. I'm just one of the people ... just me."

Here he is, just a month ago, at Merlefest with the Nashville Bluegrass Band. (Note: he is 89 years old!!!)

Here's a solo of "Deep River Blues":

And if you think he is "just" a folk guitarist, how about "Summertime" with his grandson Richard.

If that doesn't convince you, listen as he plays along with Jeff Little on "I Am a Pilgrim":

And finally, "I Lay My Burdens Down" with his son, Merle, finally now reunited after years apart.

Doc, thanks for years of great music. R.I.P.

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