Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A God With No Taste

In Sunday's video meditation, Rich Mullins spoke volumes when he said that God has no taste, i.e. he is not after the cultured and civilized, he is for you and me. Thank God, Rich said.
"If God was as civilized as most Christian people wish he was, he would be useless to Christianity. But God is a wild man, and I hope that in the course of your life you encounter him. But let me warn you to hang on for dear life- or let go for dear life."

Spiral Galaxy M100
Source: Hubblesite.org

In this Easter week, take a moment to get lost in the wild love of that God. Look up into a star-filled sky this week and know that one of those stars has been lit for you.


MadPriest said...

I'll have you know that English Jesus is extremely civilised, has impeccable good manners and would regard having two glasses of sherry, rather than just the one, as the height of wildness. I think you must be referring to Foreign Jesus.

pmPilgrim said...

Yes, I believe you are right. We have to be careful of a foreign Jesus.