Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Glorious April Weather, Not So Glorious Score

It was 65 degrees at game time in Minneapolis on April 14! The sun was out, the threat of rain and severe storms was pushed back to evening. Who would have predicted such a great day this time of the year.


Glitch #1: 
 I forgot to put a memory card in my camera! (Or maybe the memory card in my head is beginning to slow down. Nah.)

That meant I had to depend on my phone camera to get a couple pictures of the Kent Hrbek statue at Gate 14 unveiled earlier in the day.

It also meant no pictures of the game.

Glitch #2 (and more?):
The Twins are getting the hang of fundamentals. They figured out how to get lots of hits, get men on base, loading the bases three times in the game.

Next they have to work on getting them across home plate. They left 13 men on base! And lost 6-2 to the Texas Rangers.

Not a glitch: A GREAT DAY AT THE BALLPARK. More games to come. Things will get better.

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