Friday, April 27, 2012

From Other Baseball Seasons

With the baseball season but a few weeks old, Listverse gave us a Top 10 of the Worst Moments in Baseball history. Yes the Black Sox scandal and steroids were there. So was Pete Rose betting and The Boss - George Steinbrenner. What I found interesting were the Top 2:

Number Two: a little known moment that happened to one of the greats, pitcher Christy Mathewson. In 1918 he was taken away from superior greatness in World War I. He was a captain as a chemical weapons trainer. Through miscommunication he found himself gassed with mustard gas. He got tuberculosis and never regains his strength. He died in 1925 at age 45.

Number One: Lou Gehrig's Disease. Another incredible career, ending in sadness. Many believe that if he had lived out a full career he, not Babe Ruth, would be The Name in baseball history.

Here's the newsreel clip of his farewell:

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