Friday, March 09, 2012

Some Headlines

Sometimes I just have to laugh at headlines. So let's start the new year of wonderings and wanderings with a few. Here's some from today:

Rapture predictor admits he was wrong
...I wonder what his first clue was?
Then there was this one that caused a double-take:
Volvo introduces new pedestrian airbags
...I guess it only works if you're walking your Volvo?
This one has been dropped a lot in the past 24 hours. As an alcohol and drug counselor it got my attention:
LSD May Help Alcoholics Stay Off Booze
...So many comments possible...Does it guarantee a return trip?
Finally, TV icon news is always interesting:
Dick Van Dyke marries makeup artist at age 86
...We'll know how good an artist she is when he looks 20 years younger?
Oh, and here's a bonus:
Online Push to Ban ‘Pink Slime’ in School Lunches Gains Momentum
...These new designer drugs have the strangest names. No, wait, it's a new rock band that sits on the dark side of the room?
All these in just one day's news cycle. A real treasure trove!

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