Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh The Ides of March: News, Sports, and Weather

1) I have to join the ranks of those who are posting about the weather. today's high in my neck of the southern Minnesota woods was the average high for June 4. Love it! Maybe I will get to my favorite park for some hiking on Saturday when it may be even warmer.

2) Wisconsin won their first game today! Way to go Badgers.

3) I'm still picking Lehigh tomorrow. Sorry Duke.

4) Huh? USA Today Headline:

Sex-deprived male flies go for the booze, study finds
So does that mean sex is a cure for alcoholism? It's about as logical as any other assumption.

5) Also from USA TODAY, a headline that brings together numbers 2, 3 &  4?:
Vasectomies up during NCAA basketball tournament

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