Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yes, this is still a story....

After years of battling false claims and viral e-mails alleging that he is a Muslim, President Obama hasn’t gotten far among Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi – about half still believe he is Muslim and about one in four believe his parents’ interracial marriage should have been illegal, a new poll shows.

The automated survey by Public Policy Polling, conducted over the weekend in advance of Tuesday’s GOP primaries in both states, ... found continued skepticism among Republicans about Obama’s religion and that a substantial number of GOP voters continue to believe interracial marriage should be illegal. (29% in Mississippi)

The poll of Mississippi Republicans found that 52 percent said they believe Obama is a Muslim, [emphasis added.] 36 percent weren’t sure and only 12 percent said they believe he is a Christian. He fared slightly better in Alabama, where 45 percent said he is a Muslim, 41 percent weren’t sure, and 14 percent said he is a Christian.
--LA Times

After all these years in the year 2012 these are still realities we are trying to overcome. If I weren't so sad, I would be amazed.

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