Friday, March 23, 2012

Agree? or Not?

Mad Priest is one of those blogs that is worth following for gems like this one:

Scripture is a living being which,
whilst it still breathes,
has been embalmed by the Church.
One year I worked on and off on reading the Bible in Spanish which I was working on learning. It was a parallel English-Spanish version (NIV). It brought a number of interesting insights to my reading of the English. I have worked a little on the more traditional Spanish version, Reina-Valera, equivalent to our English King James Version. When you read a passage you thought you knew so well, the nuances and changes of view from a non-English perspective can sure make a difference.

It is difficult, but worth the challenge, to seek the living, breathing Spirit of the Scriptures. You may be surprised that it doesn't say what you thought it said- or want it to say.

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