Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Wasn't Said.

We will continue to hear much rhetoric about values and religious views as the election marathon continues. Why do I feel that so much of what we hear may be mis-information? Yes, I have a bias. Of course I do. Don't we all? Mine is found, at least in part, in the following quote. Ponder.

Did you ever notice that Jesus did not ask or answer the law-and-order questions that culture desires from religion? Jesus never spoke of what we call “family values” or institutional loyalty or national security or war economies, which are now taken for granted as religious values by both churches and politicians. In fact, Jesus was not even a good example of family values: single, celibate, no children, no steady income, and “no place to lay his head.”

It’s clear that Jesus has a completely opposite agenda, one rejected by the world and much of the church. He asks us to join in solidarity with human weakness and suffering, with the outsiders, the oppressed, and the disadvantaged. If we fail to receive the “sacraments of brokenness” that are all around us, how will we have the courage to discover that we, too, are broken? How will we ever know the suffering face of God, who created them?
--Richard Rohr, On the Threshold of Transformation
Originally posted by Mike at Waving or Drowning.

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