Saturday, February 04, 2012

Needed: A Moment of Clarity

The Fix reported that Texas Ranger's star and recovery poster child Josh Hamilton has had another relapse.

[S]pies watched the 2010 American League MVP drinking excess amounts of alcohol at the Sherlock's Pub & Grill in Dallas on Monday night.
It is a clear reminder of several things related to recovery and relapse.

First, that this is a relapsing disease. It is NOT and NEVER will be, about willpower. There's more to it than that, and Josh knows this only too well. It IS a disease that can come back stronger than ever. It is not about the person's ability to be "strong enough."

Second, it shows why the whole AA/NA/etc. push on anonymity is so important. When well-known people relapse (and they obviously do, just like non-well-known people) it is easy to point fingers and have others say: "See! AA (etc.) doesn't work. Look at [insert celeb name here]. It sure didn't work for them. Individuals relapse, but the 12-step programs help MANY!

Third, Hamilton was clear in the past that he had a number of different drugs of choice. Alcohol, which is of course "legal," can be a road to relapse of all possible drugs. "I can have just one," can get any addict/alcoholic into great trouble.

Hopefully we will hear about Josh having a return to sobriety. Somewhere along the line he will have that "moment of clarity" that will bring him out of the relapse mode and into an awareness of all he needs to do.

We're rooting for you, Josh, and waiting for you to come back to sobriety.

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