Friday, January 27, 2012

You Can't Do This With an eBook

eBooks are quite an invention. I really enjoy my Nook Color. You don't have to make a decision before traveling which one of 20 books you want to take. Nor do we have to do what we used to do- pack a whole box of books to take on that two-week vacation. The only extra weight with an eBook reader is the electrons (or whatever they are) that go on the chip in the reader. One book or my whole collection.

But there is one thing that I miss. I read this on someone's Facebook post and I had to agree. (Sorry, I don't remember when or who. If you read this, let me know.)

When you come to the end of one of those great books that you hate to see end, I remember the wonder of closing the book, holding it in my hand, turning it over as I get that feel of the book in my hands. I would ponder the ability to put that kind of story into words while holding the book, sensing a connection. It was a fine way to bring closure that hitting a screen button just doesn't cut.

A computer tablet just doesn't do that. I wonder if it is because a computer is a machine, even one that can do amazing things and, with the words on the screen, take me to amazing places. No, I will not give up my Nook Color, but nostalgia does have its place.

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