Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Remarkable and Entrancing

The Tree of Life (Tomatometer: 84% ; IMDb,) the incredibly profound movie by Terrence Malick captured me from the word go and never let me go. Beautiful cinematography, acting with just enough dialogue to keep the story going in a non-linear fashion, an undercurrent of life being celebrated even when it doesn't seem possible. Impressionistic, surrealistic, and finally down to earth.

In short, quite an achievement.

Brad Pitt did another outstanding job, this time with body, posture, and facial expressions. The complexity of life is what is portrayed as we (all of us) sit here- between creation and destruction. Our lives mimic that same story arc in little as well as personal ways.

Answers? Nope. None in this movie. Not that I saw, anyway. But plenty to think about.

Do I understand it? Not in the least. Which is just fine because I was there emotionally and spiritually. Kind of like any great spiritual literature or art it will take more than one visit to this sublime land given us by writer/director Malick.

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