Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just Before Advent

Well, before we get all mushy and sentimental about Christmas, here is a paragraph from the Huffington Post.

Convincing the church she does not exist for the benefit of her members, but for the life of the world is a bad church growth strategy. It's also exactly what the church must do. It's a tough sell because crucifixion seems like a losing strategy unless you believe in the resurrection. Faithfulness seems like a losing strategy unless you believe that the power of the gospel trumps our ability to come up with all the right answers to all the right questions.
Yes, I said the Huffington Post. When we in the church begin to talk like this, whether from the left or right sides of the culture, we will not find our numbers expanding. Of course, I don't think we see numbers expanding anyway. We just see people moving around from one place to another.

Anyway, on this day before the First Sunday in Advent where even I get a sentimental twinkle in the eye and on the blog, I thought I better post this to at least keep the whole thing in perspective.

Now, on with the sentiment. I have a hunch that Jesus liked that, too.

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