Sunday, November 06, 2011

In Memoriam: Rooney and Keith

Andy Rooney who is probably a dictionary definition for "curmudgeon" died yesterday. He made himself a butt of jokes and satire- and loved every minute of it. He was 92.
--CBS News Link

More significant to many of us in Minnesota and around the nation who love radio and Prairie Home Companion, Tom Keith died earlier in the week of a heart attack. As is commented on the PHC page, Keith was an illustrator for radio. No, not an oxymoron, an essential job on a show like A Prairie Home Companion. It was always fun when Garrison would have these incredible story lines with sound effect after even more impossible sound effect. Many of us also remember Tom as Jim Ed Poole on the wonderful Morning Show on Minnesota Public Radio for years. Tom was 64.
--PHC Link

Here's an audio montage of Tom's work:

Here's a video from a show last month. Tom is on the far left making all that sound come alive.

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Thomas Gamble said...

May God rest his soul in peace! He was a great man and a real talent!