Wednesday, November 02, 2011

An Amazing Musical Heritage

Donald at the organ- still after 70 years
Last month the Berea Moravian Church celebrated with our organist 70 years of worship leadership. All at the same church. Yes, 70 years. 1941 when Donald was 16. We had a wonderful day of honoring him, singing to his playing and listening to his special music.

He also received the James Salzwedel Award from the Moravian Music Foundation. Gwyneth Michel, Assistant Director of the Moravian Music Foundation presented him  the award.

WKBT in La Crosse, WI, did a video report on Donald. They gave him over 5 minutes of their news time. Here's the LINK to WKBT website.

The congregation also gave Donald a quilt of pictures and signatures. On the left is the center panel including some of the Salzwedel citation.

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