Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Packer Bye Week

So I thought I would post some of the pics from last week's game at the Metrodome. Yes, I was there! And it was a fun game. It was good to see the Vikings playing good football. I want the Pack to win, of course, whenever we play the Vikes, but it is always better to have a well-played game. As long as it doesn't get too close.

The Vikings, for the first time in, well, quite a while, had a young quarterback instead of The Old Man or Donovan McNabb. With a lousy start they have done two things- put in Rookie Christian Ponder and let Adrian Peterson carry the ball more.

But what was fun for me was to see some truly great ballplayers in the same game. I have pulled some of their pictures out of the many I took and cropped it down since we were in the end zone.

QB Christian Ponder being chased by LB Clay Matthews

RB James Starks getting the handoff from QB Aaron Rodgers

Adrian Peterson taking off after getting the ball from Ponder

Ryan Longwell doing what he does better than just about anyone else

CB Charles Woodson attempting a pick-off. Didn't get this one.

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