Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hazy, Lazy, Crazy Days of Autumn


What an incredible fall we have been having, at least through earlier this week. Temps were in the 80s. Sun was bright. The leaves were magnificent thanks to plenty of rain earlier in the spring and summer.

FINALLY, after three months without any bike riding due to my back surgery, I got out on the Root River Trail between Fountain and Whalan on Sunday for a 21 mile ride.

I was not in the least bit disappointed.




Thanks to the incredible warm weather the outfitters were doing a land-office business in bikes, kayaks and canoes. Although I didn't see anyone on the golf course.


Certainly it was only by coincidence (and advanced planning) that the half-way point in the trip was the Aroma Pie Shop in Whalan. peach pie a la mode. A sure way to re-energize for the ride back.


More canoes and kayaks filled the river. It may have been Follow the Leader.



It is impossible to capture all the beauty. I keep trying. I collect pictures by the hundreds and can't believe what I miss until I look at the picture later. I never noticed that there were two windmills in the scene. As a photographer friend used to tell me, "Just keep taking pictures. The good pictures are as much being in the right place at the right time- and dumb luck!"


A day to remember- especially in a month or so when the winds blow and the clouds scud across the sky in that old man winter look we will soon know so well.

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