Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Not Finished

This doesn't happen very often. I have just NOT finished another book I started. Earlier in the month I mentioned not being able to finish Jerry Blavat's autobiography. Now I have put down Frederik Pohl's latest novel, All The Lives He Led. For those not science fiction fans, Pohl is one of the great and prolific authors of the genre, a multi-award winner, and a vision maker.

However this is not one of his better novels. It is almost as if Pohl was trying to be post-modern in his thinking and got lost along the way. The plot plods and the incredible stupidity of the supposedly street-smart lead character brings the structure down around him.

Since I am not a professional reviewer I wondered, like I did with Blavat's book, if it is just me. I found much of the same thinking. So, another one returns to the library unfinished. I found I didn't even care enough about how it ends to finish.

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