Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great- If It Works

Caught this headline today:

J&J cuts maximum Tylenol dose to prevent overdoses
It seems like there are been too many damaged livers as a result of overdosing on acetaminophen caused by taking more than one medication that contains the drug. So, as a preventive measure Johnson and Johnson is lowering the recommended dose as noted on the bottles.

That makes a couple of assumptions that people:
1) Read the dosing instructions and, more importantly
2) Follow the dosing instructions.
I know far too many people who will believe that the dosing is just a suggestion or worse, irrelevant. You know, if two pills are great for a headache, four will be even better.

Perhaps I am too cynical about human nature, but I have a hunch that this may very well work to some extent, but probably with people who already follow the directions.

When I think about it, those are one that Johnson and Johnson no doubt wants to reach.

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