Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Spring Sunset


When the sun FINALLY gave us a true spring day yesterday, I just had to get out to the lake by our apartment and get some sunset pictures. It was a beautiful evening and didn't have to go more than 50 yards from our building to find spring in the sunset.



Above and right- the buds are slower than last year but, in reality, are not all that far behind what would be considered the norm for Minnesota. The cool and dreariness has probably had more of an impact on the human species than most others.

The red-winged blackbird was enjoying the evening. It was tough getting a good picture- 
the old bird didn't want to make it too easy on the old guy with the camera.


In the end, what can one say but a prayer of gratitude for the wonders found around us that we could miss if we didn't take the time to go looking!

Now- if this holds maybe I can get some real bicycling in soon.

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