Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun Cooking

Ever wonder what a kernel of corn looks like popping? Well, neither did I until I fond this video:

Thanks to the Awesomer for the link and Modernist Cuisine for doing it.

In case you were wondering about the science behind it, they tell us this at the Modernist Cuisine:

The key to why pop­corn pops is its unusual moisture-proof hull. As the ker­nel is heated beyond the boil­ing point, the water inside begins to turn into steam and expand. Since the hull will not let steam out, the pres­sure inside the ker­nel begins to rise. The hull can han­dle a pres­sure of around 135 psi before burst­ing open. At this point, the pres­sure inside the ker­nel is released very rapidly, expand­ing the starch and pro­teins into a dense foam that sets quickly.
Don't say this isn't an educational blog.

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