Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birds and More Birds

Oh the wonder of a nice spring day. We haven't had a lot of those around these parts yet. One here, another there. That's about it. Well, Sunday was one of them so I stopped by Whitewater State Park after church and sat out by the bird feeder for a good half-hour. I was not disappointed.

Oriole and a spring bud!

The spring migration is on, coming in a blast of birds. They were wonderfully loud and wonderfully active. Kind of how I felt getting over this outdoor-deficit spring.

Sorry it's out-of-focus. But the colors are great!


A Grosbeak just sitting there posing for me. I sat quietly and enjoyed the show. Quite a morning.

It was a truly colorful time. Everything seemed so rich and alive, reminding me of the wonders of the season and why I look forward to it.
Take a close-look. It's a triple-bill of an Oriole.


I don't know whether they intend to be friends or not, but they were sharing the space on the branch for at least a few minutes.

It's my first trip since snowshoeing in winter.

Birds1 at Whitewater State Park, MN
Winter Bird feeder
I'm looking forward to another great season of hiking and photography!

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