Saturday, April 09, 2011

Early Spring Storms

No, not the budget hassle in Washington. (Don't get me started!)

But our first real possible severe weather outlook is active now. We even have a T-storm watch until 3 Sunday morning with a line not far to our west with even a "bow echo" seeming to be in the picture. Possible tornadoes are mentioned in the forecast.

Two weeks ago at church I looked out the side window and wondered if all that snow would even be gone by Palm Sunday which is next week. The answer is- long gone.

How quickly the seasons change when we hit these transition times. We don't know what to expect next.

Which is a lot like the stress in our lives at such times. Good news or bad news; gain or loss. They all can cause stress because they are transition times. Those are the times to pay closer attention to the world we are walking through and the world we are making for ourselves in the midst of it. Taking care, being aware, being mindful, finding the times and places for shelter in the midst of these.

And all this because times of transition are tough.

Be careful out there.

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