Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visiting With An Author

Our local library had an author visit last Sunday from Minnesota's own Kent Nerburn. He was here to talk about his latest book, The Wolf at Twilight which I read a year ago.

It was an interesting afternoon as I got to hear some of the background of the story and how Nerburn wants to help walk with us non-Indians into a culture that would be important for us to understand. He has had his history of detractors that he, as a white man, can't speak for the Native Americans. He has wrestled with how to portray himself in his books in a way that can be helpful.

I think he has done an excellent job. He can, I believe, help us in the midst of our own white naivete to open more fully to the spirit of the land that was here long before us. The Indians certainly were in touch with that and can be a guide if we will be open.

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