Thursday, March 03, 2011

Madison Is Still Madison

And for that I am grateful!

I haven't said anything before now about the ongoing world of Madison, WI, Governor Walker and the attempt to de-unionize public employees. (Crisis in Dairyland as the Daily Show calls it.) Then I saw this headline on CNN:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday warned 14 absent lawmakers trying to stall his controversial budget bill to return to the state Capitol immediately to vote on the measure, or layoff notices will be sent to 1,500 public employees before the weekend.
Actually, I haven't talked about this because I don't know how to without getting angry. ALL the anti-education, anti-teacher prejudice that has been an undercurrent in our country is coming out in such a lop-sided mis-understanding.

So, in short, I am glad that the protests in Madison uphold a fine 50-year old tradition.

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