Monday, March 14, 2011

Absolutely Unbelievable Questions

These are real questions, from real news people (I think) to other real people in the midst of the Japan disaster. I can't believe they asked them:

Reporter speaking to the family member of a missing American in Japan. The family member had just said they spoke to the person the day before the quake but hasn't heard a word since. So the reporter in the studio asks, in all seriousness:

And what did they say to you when you talked?
One reporter in a US studio to another reporter on the ground in NE Japan, site of some of the worst devastation.Remember that there has never been an earthquake of this magnitude in Japan, EVER!
Have you ever seen anything like this?
No, I will not let these reporters off the hook. They are professionals and these questions took place well after the initial shock of the disaster. They were not asking these in a tense, stressed out or hurried deadline moment. They asked these questions in serious deliberateness.

Oh- and it still bugs me when anyone, including reporters say "new-cue-ler" instead of "new-clee-er."

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