Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Season Is Done

Oh- and what a season it was. Sure I'm a biased Packer Cheesehead. And darn proud of it. Sure, it turned out the way I wanted. That's WHY it was such a great season. But others think so, too. Or at least the ending of it was-

The largest TV audience in history watched the game on Sunday. Quite an accomplishment, actually. It sure gives the lie to the old Cowboys idea that they were America's team. I think the Packers and the Steelers can lay claim to that today.

But it was the Pack who showed the class and heart from day one. I know, they were the odds-on favorites at the start of the season. Everyone expected them in the Super Bowl- until the season started. Then things went downhill really fast. Some close losses which seemed to say they didn't the the stick-to-it heart. Then came injuries, and more injuries, then a lot more injuries. 14 or more (I lost count) on the injured reserve.

Then Super QB Rodgers gets a concussion- and then another concussion. They had to fight it out to the last day of the season- with reserves and no-names- to get a bottom (6th seed.) Only one team had ever gone from 6th to champion- the Steelers back in 2005. The odds were long.

Yet they kept playing and the odds kept getting shorter and shorter. Until the Big Game when - yep, more injuries in the game. But they kept playing. Rodgers kept calm and cool even as his receiver dropped easy passes. He stayed on game as a leader should.

And they took it all. Titletown- the smallest city in the NFL- kept its title.

What more can we ask for?

It's been 14 years since the last Super Bowl for the Pack. It feels good. Very good.

Thanks, guys, for a never-give-up season. See you in September.

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