Monday, January 03, 2011

Time At The Beach

Again yesterday I spent an hour in the house built for God by human hands and then took my snowshoes out into God's House. The calm and quiet of winter in Whitewater State Park is almost overpowering. The presence of God in all times and places like this is something I am still not used to, even after all these years. That is why I keep going back. Not to become used to God's presence but to remain in awe of the mystery.

The beach at Whitewater State Park, MN.
This week I went to the beach since it was a beauty of a sunny day. No sunbathers or swimmers. Not another soul nearby. I had it all to myself.

Tracks at the beach.

Trees crossing the river at Whitewater State Park

Water over the small dam

There is a small dam that backs up the river to make the swimming area. The falls that are formed were still running with all kinds of ice formations present.

Looking under rocks along the river itself will yield other formations.

Icicles under a rock

So far this winter has given me a whole new appreciation of the season by being able to get outdoors and see what's out there. The snow was crispier this week after rain and warm temps on Thursday and Friday. I was able to move more easily since I am also getting used to snowshoeing. There is more to come!

Trees, shadows and lines

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