Thursday, January 13, 2011

My World is Forever Changed....

My life will be a shambles; what I have known as an unchanging truth and cosmic law is a lie. False. A myth.

And it's all the fault of the University of the very state I live in.

According to astronomers at the U of Minnesota, the Zodiac signs are wrong. The earth has wobbled and shifted. Things are not what we think they are.

For over 62 years and 5 months I have been a Leo. Strong. In charge. King of the jungle.

But now I am a cancer.

Sorry, but it sounds like a disease. Crabs.

What is the Zodiac sign all about?

According to Wikipedia:

Leo is a fixed sign, associated with stabilization, determination, depth and persistence.
Cancer is a cardinal sign associated with initiation, creativity and leadership.. (Okay, not bad.)

Cancer is a water sign. Torrents of passion well within water signs and they feel things deeply. It will take some time to get to know them well, for they reveal themselves slowly. ... Water signs read your true intentions simply by reading your gestures and body language and will trust actions more than words. Their observations on the human condition often inspire masterpieces of painting, music, photography, literature, or dance. (That's really not bad.)

Leo is a fire sign. They do what is right and are known for their sense of fair play. They are truthful, straight-forward, just, upright and virtuous in their dealings with other people. The Fire signs are of a spiritual nature. Their essential characteristic qualities are liveliness, energy, ardor, enthusiasm, courage and action. These people like to win or be the best in anything they pursue. Their aggressive nature makes them just one big ego. They strive to be the center of attention and are at home when showing off. They are straight-forward and have no reservations about hurting the feelings of others by their forthrightness. (Wow. It started out good, but now I'm not liking this part.)

Let me see, one more thought comes to mind, water can put out fire. Hmmmm.

Maybe it is true. Maybe all these years I have been held back because I believed the lies of the Leo myth when in reality I am a Cancer. (No, that doesn't sound good.) Because I am crabby? (Oops. Even worse.)

But I was also born in 1948, the year of the Rat (in another astrological system.) That is also a water sign. But it is also a "winter" sign. Brrrr.

Now I am even more confused. I am cold, frozen water. I am a rat or a crab or an insidious disease, eating away at the body politic.

Whoever believes this stuff anyway?

Ooops. Just heard my wife- who remains a Leo- roaring calling.

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Acedog said...

you're a cancerous rat with crabs? :)