Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Snow

Buried in blizzard: It fell, and fell -- and keeps falling

The biggest snowstorm to hit the Twin Cities since the Halloween storm a generation ago whited out -- and pretty much paralyzed -- the metro area and much of the rest of Minnesota Saturday.
That's the headline at the Star Tribune website. That was around 7:30 and here, at 8:45 it's still going on and on and on. Then will come the dropping temps and wind.

This is the REAL THING. This is a mid-western BLIZZARD.

It may not end up as the biggest ever, but here in the Rochester, MN, area it will be in the top 3 or 4. These are rare. (Thank You, God!!!) As they head our way several things happen, I have noticed.

  • We sort of panic because the news people need HYPE! So, do we believe this or not?
  • We then sort of blow it off thinking that it will disappear as many such predicted storms do.
  • But we then head to the store. Just in case.
  • Through it all we minimize it. We're tough. We're northerners. We can make it.

But we do forget that these are rare. VERY RARE!

In reality these are not the storms we have survived in our lifetimes. Even when many of us were young in the 50s and 60s, these storms were just as unusual. We think we have put up with bad weather in the past. But we have not- not these. These are our versions of Katrina and earthquakes. This is our winter version of those twisters and tornadoes. These are EXTREME.

We are more able to deal with them today, yes. But until they slow down and leave us with frigid sunshine and drifts up the sides of the houses- let's be careful out there!

 Pics taken from INSIDE. I'm not that crazy.
Parking lot in the snow. Rochester, MN
No, it's not in a ditch. Just buried in a drift.

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