Saturday, December 18, 2010

Googling Christmas "News"

Yeah- I thought that would be interesting. So last evening I put the single word "Christmas" into the Google News search bar.

The first story to show was:
  • Experience: Christmas trees gave me a new lease of life
It was a "lifestyle" story about a guy who found life in forestry and Christmas trees after an accident left him seriously injured with a broken back.

The Guardian

The stories connected with that had the headlines:
  • How Green Is Your Artificial Christmas Tree? You Might Be Surprised (New York Times)
  • Americans are picky about the perfect Christmas tree (
  • Real Christmas trees vs. fake ones (Chicago Tribune (blog))

The second storyline:
  • Diplomats Talk Kanye West's 'Christmas In Harlem'
No, not Hillary et. al. but other rappers in a group called the Diplomats.

Here's the link: MTV Maybe you can figure out what it's about.

The third storyline: Yep- you guessed it--
  • Fox News Poll: Most Voters Say 'Merry Christmas'
Of course they have this bit of info:
[N]early half of Republicans (46 percent) and white born-again Christians (48 percent) would stop shopping at a store that refused to allow employees to say “Merry Christmas.”
Fox News

Disclaimer from Google at the bottom of the page lets us know that this is not in order of importance or anything else for that matter:
The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.
I guess this proves nothing about Christmas and the media, other than it was interesting.

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