Monday, November 08, 2010

I Understand

From (The Customer is) Not Always Right:

(Bakery | Savannah, GA, USA. This bakery is a vintage style, family owned bakery with custom names for each product.)

Customer: “As a man of the cloth, I know this is a weird order. But could I get a Hazel Feelgood and a Drunk Blondie?”
It reminded me of the time my wife and I were moving into our first parsonage from a small apartment and we were out furniture shopping. We were looking at living room furniture and were deciding on end tables, etc. The salesman showed us what he called a "coffee table" which is what my family would have called it when I was young.

He then smiled, knowing that I was a young pastor, and said:
If you weren't a pastor, I would have called it a "cocktail table."
I still haven't figured out why he would even say that.

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