Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Fun Night of Music

Our Rochester Community Band concert was last Saturday evening. While they were in the midst of snow up in the Cities, we had a rainy day which kept the concert on schedule. Two pieces bear mention.

First was a moment of long-sought redemption from years past. The American composer, Leroy Anderson has this piece called The Irish Washerwoman. At about 1:09 into the piece (in the video below) is a wicked, wicked passage for the trumpets (but not the cornets.) Probably around 20 years ago another community band I played in back in Watertown, WI, played this piece and the other trumpet and I have cursed it for years. So imagine my fear, chagrin, and panic when our director put this on the concert list.

I whined; I cried; I made snide remarks. The director smiled.

I offered to take one of the cornet parts; my colleagues shook their heads in mock sympathy.

(Allan and) I were stuck. Could we do it? Could we make up for my long years of agonizing memory? Listen below at about 1:09 and judge for yourself.

I think we did it. It felt good! Very good.!

But just as much fun was this piece, Abram's Pursuit, by composer David Holsinger. It is a relentless and complex piece of work that just pushes and pushes. Each time we rehearsed it I fell more in love with it. Here is the description on J. W. Pepper's product page:

Pursuit, indeed! This rampaging work is a careening chase that starts with a bang and doesn't let up until the final notes! Inspired by the biblical story from Genesis, Holsinger has created a furious up-tempo composition marked with vivid accents, flurrying woodwind and keyboard percussion writing, and incessant percussion that rhythmically drives the piece. Extremely exciting and vibrant stuff for mature bands!


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