Tuesday, November 02, 2010

And The Season is Over

After 56 years, the Giants win the World Series. Quite a pitching exhibition by Tim Lincecum again last night. Quite a series for a number of players, including a rookie catcher, who have now done what many great ballplayers have never done. Won a World Series.
Congratulations to a remarkable team. And the Rangers weren't all that shabby, either.

But it is done. The Fall Classic has ended on the first of November.

Reality must now set in. The Season is over.

Baseball goes into hiatus, or, as it once was called, the Hot-Stove League.

So to end the season, here is a unique and wonderful version of the baseball song, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, as played by Harpo Marx on the I Love Lucy Show. It is downright heavenly.

Kind of like the game itself.

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