Sunday, October 17, 2010

Found In The News

Several headlines caught my eye in the past week. It seemed like a good time to respond.  First was the "pastor" in Florida who had threatened to burn the Quran:

Fla. pastor wins car for canceling Quran burning
All I can say is that to give that guy a "bribe" not to do something he shouldn't be doing in the first place is ludicrous. (But I don't have any strong feelings about it.)

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On a far less serious note I found the perfect gift for the family reunion of the family who has everything.
Hotel eyes record with $671,000 per night plan
For that you rent the whole hotel for the night. I wonder if they still inventory the sheets?

+ + + + + + + + +

This one is almost one of those dog-bites-man headlines. It just bears mentioning.
Stabbed — during anger-management class
Next time they'll plug in the metal detector.

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And finally the competition I have been training for for years.

Spaniards compete for siesta honors
With that, I feel a nap coming on.

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