Sunday, October 24, 2010

The End Is Approaching

We have had one of the best Spring-Summer-Fall seasons I can remember in a long, long time.
River Whitewater State Park, MN
1st Hike- April 2
It began with an early spring right around the first weekend of April. That was the first weekend that I got out to do some hiking and picture taking at Whitewater State Park (April 2). That was the first of seven spring trips to the park with lots of pictures. My plan is to put them together in a music video over the next few months in time to celebrate spring 2011.

1st Bike Ride in Rochester
Through the season I have done 17 bike/photo rides around the area, reaching past 300 miles for the first time.


It ended with a fall hike through Whitewater two weeks ago with the leaves just past the peak, but still creating beauty.

But the weather is now about to change. We have dropped to normal temps for this weekend. By Wednesday we will be below normal and the first "snow showers" have been talked about but are not in the forecast for Thursday. Yet.

So to celebrate the great 6 3/4 month season, here are some of the pictures from two weeks ago as a cap to 2010 warmth and wonder.



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