Friday, September 24, 2010

Wisdom Quotes

Over at Connexions Kim posted 20 pearls of wisdom from the late William Sloane Coffin. Coffin was a clergy activist and strong peace and justice advocate, former chaplain at Yale and Sr. minister at Riverside Church. These pearls are truly quick, to-the-point, and pointed.

True, we have to hate evil; else we’re sentimental. But if we hate evil more than we love the good, we become damn good haters, and of those the world already has too many.

The argument that gays threaten to destroy heterosexual marriage is an assertion only, not an argument. If anything destroys marriage, it’s married people, not gays.

All nations make decisions based on self-interest and then defend them in the name of morality.

Christians forget that it was the Devil who tempted Jesus with unbounded wealth and power. And it is the Devil in every American that makes us feel good about being so powerful.

The trouble with violence is that it changes not too much, but too little. Nonviolence is more radical because it is more truthful. Violence always ends up calling on lies to defend it, just as lies call on violence to defend them.

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