Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sadly, I Think I Agree does it again. They manage to get one of those attention-getting headlines.....

People Prefer Colonoscopies Over Computer Upkeep
Yep. It got my attention, especially since I am one of those people who has had more than my share due to a family history of colon cancer. I also have difficulty in the prep for them and that makes them happen more often that I would like. (I will stop there. Too much information is potentially on the horizon.)

Anyway, the headline got me. Here are the lead paragraphs:
More Americans would rather do unpleasant chores such as getting a colonoscopy or changing a baby's diaper than perform tasks that keep their computers safe from crashes, according to a new study.

Security and utility company PC Tools, along with Harris Interactive, conducted a survey that found people would prefer to do an array of dreaded tasks than clean their computer’s registry in order to prevent crashes and improve speed.

Chores that topped the list include laundry (54 percent); balancing a checkbook (47 percent); changing a baby’s diaper (43 percent); going to the dentist (34 percent); waiting in line at the DMW (20 percent); being stuck in traffic (19 percent); or getting a colonoscopy (12 percent).
Basically we don't want to do those mundane tech tasks that will protect us. We don't want to waste time with things that aren't productive. We don't want to sit around and wait for the seemingly interminable backups and copying and whirring of hard drives.

I must admit that I fall into that category to a great extent. This is even after having a hard disk die on me and a CD-ROM of my only set of pictures from our trip to Spain lock up. I paid to get these rescued. So now I back up once in a while. On an external hard drive.

But colonoscopies?  Given the choice I would rather do the backups. Although I guess the possibilities of cancer or other issues may raise the bar and push backups down the list. Maybe we care more about our health than computers?

Nah. You're probably right. Computers tech tasks are nerdy. Geeky. God forbid.

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