Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When You Think You've Heard 'Em All

Out there in eastern Pennsylvania a 59-year old woman was on probation and told she couldn't drink alcohol. She failed a recent drug screen, testing positive for alcohol and was sent to jail for probation violation. But she wasn't drinking, she claimed. She was eating gin-soaked raisins to treat her arthritis since conventional medications didn't work.

She says she heard of this home remedy for arthritis on the radio from Paul Harvey. (Harvey died in February.)

It is amazing what people will do, believe, and say. I am not disputing the gin-soaked raisins (although it has that certain ring of denial about it.) But we humans have a really remarkable organ in the brain's ability to come up with ideas- good or bad- and then believe them.

I suppose that's The Rest of the Story.

--Link to Morning Call story.

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