Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game # 100 Already

Last evening the Twins played their 100th game of the season.

Already? It's only....

Oh, I guess it is the end of July.

So far it has been a fun season with the new Target Field and the ongoing run of excellent playing. (Sooner or later we will have to overcome our inferiority at playing the Yankees. Hopefully sooner!) Last night's game 100 sure set quite a tone for the rest of the season: 19-1 win. Joe Mauer had 7 RBIs and went 5 for 5. They are 54-46 and 1 game behind in the AL Central.

I've been to three games so far and have plans for two more. Maybe more if there is a post-season in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Boys of Summer have been a joy.

So, with 62 games to go I am looking forward to two more great months of baseball in Minnesota- and hopefully more.

Here, BTW, is my favorite commercial for the Twins in their new outdoor habitat...

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